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Press release

San Francisco, December 12, 2020

Takenaka Corporation, Tokyo Tatemono Co, and Nomura Real Estate Holdings, leading construction and lifeline companies in Japan are joining forces with Traces Inc. to develop next-generation AI solutions to drive digital transformation for real estate and property management industries.

This collaboration, combining cameras, sensors, and AI cloud technologies, aims at improving security, building operations, and commercial efficiency, along with creating better experiences for residents and visitors alike. With pilots currently under development, partners are bringing together the power of Traces Cloud platform and their expertise in urban creation to develop cities where people can live in safety and security.

Traces helps businesses with ultra-low latency video data analysis and cutting edge AI technologies that can transform conventional spaces into smart buildings.
Such transformation has a tremendous effect on optimizing operations, security, and tenant experiences in commercial, hospitality, and residential buildings. For example, Traces can support property owners’ initiatives to find expense reduction opportunities and discover new income streams by providing precise information about building density, traffic flow, and occupancy levels. Actionable insights about customer behavior, collected from thousands of cameras simultaneously, combined with particular space usage patterns can be used to predict and increase purchase probabilities at scale.  

With flexible API access to its services, Traces enables the development of rich and comprehensive applications that can be tailored to any organization's standards and processes. Traces’ collaboration with Takenaka Corporation, Tokyo Tatemono Co, and Nomura Real Estate Holdings opens up new opportunities for further AI innovation in the real estate development, property management, and related industries. Together, partners are setting a foundation to unlock future advancements in the intelligence of our buildings, asset management, security, and customer experiences.
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