Common Questions

Can the Traces AI system use the cameras I already have?

Yes, we are hardware agnostic and will work with most IP based cameras on a market. Traces AI can be easily integrated into your workflow and be the last solution you will ever need.

Will I need broadband to work with Traces AI?

Our system requires a reliable broadband connection to provide you the best service but it is also tolerant to short network disruptions.

How much does it cost?

The cost of systems depends on a number of cameras and customer's specific needs. We have volume discounts starting from 1000 cameras and support custom plans for setups with at least 8 cameras.

What is the maximum number of cameras you can work with?

Traces Cloud has no hard limits on the number of cameras connected. If your network consists of more than 1000 cameras we provide volume discounts. Contact us for additional information.

What if the AI accuracy won't be high enough for my camera setup?

A good way to try our system with your camera setup would be to launch guided pilot. Also we use a proprietary auto training system that automatically adapts to your camera setup and increases accuracy over time.

False Alarm Questions

What is False Alarm?

Animals, beams of lighting, shadows, foliage, weather conditions, and so on are considered false alarms.

What is a True alarm in Traces False Alarms Filtering system?

Person and/or vehicle that are moving in the detection zone of the camera are classified as True alarms at Traces.

Does your system work with Videos?

 Yes, Traces False Alarms Filtering works with both Videos and Frames.

Does your system work with frames?

Yes, Traces False Alarms Filtering works with both Frames and Videos.

Does your system support multiple detection zones?

Yes. Traces supports multiple detection zones and masks to outline areas where all motion should be ignored.

Does your system support all camera brands?

Yes, Traces False Alarm Filtering work with most IP based cameras on a market. 

How do I connect my cameras to Traces False Alarm Filtering?

We support SMTP and API connections. In SMTP mode your cameras will be sending motions alarms to one of the emails.In API mode you can send motion alarms from your system directly to our cloud.

What is the recommended output resolution?

Traces False Alarm Filtering system will work with resolution as low as 640 x 480 and up to 7360 x 4128. If you have specific requirements please contact your sails representative or email us at

Is there a delay in processing alarms with Filtering enabled?

Traces Cloud offers multi tear SLA with as low as subsection delays for False Alarm Filtering. The overall processing time will greatly depend on network speed on the monitoring site.

Does Traces Cloud store alarms history / motions events?

No, by default we are not storing any customers data. This option can be enabled at any time per request from the customers.

What is your pricing model?

The more cameras you connect, the better price you get.

Does your system work with black and white(Grayscale) footage?

Yes, Traces False Alarm filtering works with black & white (Grayscale) and RGB footage, as well as with footage from thermal cameras.

Does  False Alarm filtering work with footage from thermal cameras?

Yes, Traces False Alarm filtering works with thermal cameras.

What is the accuracy of False Alarm filtering?

You can expect an up to 87% reduction in False Alarms.We also offer a free, no commitment pilot so you could make an informed decision based on real numbers.

Unique Counting Questions

Do you use face recognition in Unique Counting solutions?

No, we don't use FR. We use our unique People Search technology that doesn't rely on facial data.

What is the difference between Unique Counting and other counting solutions?

Traces Unique Counting is capable of counting unique objects. For instance, if a store manager will enter and leave the building multiple times per day we will not count her or him as a unique visitor every time. This person will be counted as one unique visitor.

What other use cases are possible with Traces Unique Counting?

Unique Counting is a very versatile solution. Talk to our team to discover if it’s a good fit for your business needs.

Does Unique Counting work with traditional people counting solutions?

Absolutely. Unique Counting is designed to work closely with systems that you already have in place or in standalone mode. The choice is yours.

When will Unique Counting be available?

Unique Counting is available in Alpha right now. Sign up for Early Access and our team will contact you shortly.

Contact Tracing Questions

Is contact tracing relevant to my business?

For every business where there is live person-to-person interaction among employees some form of contact tracing is relevant. Tracekeep will help you to identify risks so you can quickly take action and reduce the impact on your business.

What is the difference between this app and released by public officials in my country?

The core difference is that with this app your business is in control. You will get all the data needed to make an informed decision when it matters the most. It also means that you own the data and it’s not shared with third parties.

Does everyone have to install this application?

We follow best practices from world infections experts. In a closed environment like an office, it is recommended that all employees install the app.

What will Tracekeep know about my employees?

Tracekeep is not collecting any information from the app. Tracekeep will know the overall number of installed applications, emails and names of registered users.

Why don’t use location data (GPS) for tracking people?

Our solution is designed for contact tracing only and this function is achieved by using Bluetooth. Our approach has many advantages like privacy, lower power consumption, and indoors tracking.

Will any information be shared with government agencies?

No, it’s your employees and your data. We are not sharing any information with third parties.

How is my data protected?

Our solution is designed with multilayer protection to keep your data safe from different vectors of attack. Moreover, there is no centralised database that can be stolen or altered.

Is this solution compatible with other contact tracing apps?

Our platform is open to integrations so any application can be compatible with it. Please get in touch to learn more.

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