Instantly find & track people across cameras.

Review thousands of hours of video in minutes and find your target.

Go Beyond
Facial Recognition

When faces are not visible Traces can accurately identify and track people across multiple CCTV videos.

Use cases

Bird's-Eye View of your property

Make data-driven decisions about your space and equipment with accurate, anonymous, real-time video analytics.
Get a 360 overview of the whole building or a selected area in seconds.

TRACES Dashboard

Security & Investigations

From safety concerns to loss prevention, Traces AI accelerates investigations by processing thousands of videos simultaneously.
Proactively improve security by tracking bad actors in real-time, and reduce the response time.

Traces AI Forensic Search 2024

Use cases

Unique people counting

Enable your conventional IP security cameras with anonymous counting capabilities.
Significantly reduce the number of double-counting events and automatically exclude your staff without any extra hardware or QR codes.

Unique people counting

Have other use cases?

Traces will help you to build your AI competitive advantage! 
Get commercial efficiency, streamline operations, and create better experiences.
Traces Custom Order.


API icon

Ultimate scalability and reliability of Traces Cloud enable you to instantly go from 30 to 30000 cameras. Available as an API for quick and easy integration.

Work Station

workstation icon

Traces brings advanced video analytics to your workstations. Mitigate constraints associated with internet speed, low hw-specifications, regulations, etc.

Tailored to your your business' standards & processes:
Traces Computer Vision API
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