Video Security with Generative AI

Experience the next level of video search with Traces Generative AI.
Just input a text prompt, and let our AI quickly find the relevant videos,
boosting your efficiency and security effortlessly.

How it works?

Efficiently Navigate Video Library
with Text-Based Search


Whether you require scenes of a specific event, descriptions of individuals, or distinct activities, simply input the details into our system to get video search results.


Traces Video Understanding filter


Fine-tune your search with customizable filters such as date range, time, camera IDs, and camera locations, ensuring the accuracy and relevancy of your search results. Our flexible filtering options empower you to search with precision, allowing you to access the exact video footage you need efficiently and effectively.

Review the output

Experience the efficiency of Traces AI as you swiftly review precisely matched results within seconds. Skip the manual labor of days or weeks and effortlessly explore, analyze, investigate, and extract valuable insights from your video library.

Traces Video Understanding results screen

TRACES Dashboard

Intuitive Dashboard

Effortless oversight at your fingertips

How to Connect

Integration Options

Traces AI easily integrates with your existing camera infrastructure and monitoring software.


Traces API provides unprecedented flexibility for transforming your existing infrastructure and embedding the latest AI technology into your products. Build web, mobile and backend applications with Traces API.

Video storage

Traces enables quick & easy connection to your data storage without any development efforts on your part by adopting the most advanced security protocols we ensure the safe retrieval of your video content


Maximize the potential of Traces AI solutions through seamless integration with your preferred VMS or use it concurrently with your existing NVR/DVRs infrastructure, thereby exploiting the best of both worlds.

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