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Parallel Deployment: Enhancement without disruption

Allows organizations to augment their existing video monitoring infrastructure with advanced computer vision capabilities, without altering the current setup. This method is particularly beneficial for systems that are vendor-locked or lack integration options, providing a seamless way to incorporate new AI functionalities.

Traces Parallel Deployment diagram

Non-Disruptive Upgrade

Implement advanced AI features without replacing your existing system. Traces will work with RTSP stream or saved videos.

Independent Operation

Utilize new, powerful user interface, ensuring that the new system runs smoothly alongside the old without interference.


Minimize upfront costs by leveraging existing infrastructure. Introduce changes gradually, at your own pace, ensuring a cost-efficient transition.


Complete Deployment:  
One unified system

Empowers organizations to transform outdated video monitoring setups into state-of-the-art surveillance systems. This much-anticipated upgrade is a leap into a realm of supreme speed, impeccable responsiveness, and the comprehensive power of the latest AI technology. Seamlessly phase in the new system, ensuring that not a single camera experiences downtime during the upgrade process.

Traces Complete Deployment diagram

Simplify & Reduce costs

Remove cumbersome NVRs and simplify your surveillance infrastructure, significantly reducing maintenance costs. Embrace the ease of using your current cameras and effortlessly integrate new ones.

Cutting-Edge Features

Access the latest advancements in Generative AI for video security in one open system. Get the right tools to proactively respond to threats, optimize operational efficiency, and drive innovation


Adapt your surveillance operations effortlessly, without any constraints on channel capacity, camera brand, resolution, or frame rate. Future-proof your infrastructure with a system that's designed to scale.


API Integration:  
Ultimate flexibility

Enabling deep integration of advanced computer vision functionalities into existing systems through comprehensive API. This method is suited for organizations with sophisticated infrastructure that is challenging or impractical to replace.

Traces API Integration diagram

Leverage Existing Investments

Enhance your current system with new AI features without the need for a complete overhaul and keep your core setup largely intact.

Familiar Interface

Adapt new capabilities to complement your current user interface, eliminating the necessity for staff training and accelerating the deployment process.

Efficiency and Reliability

Leverage the power of AI to differentiate your offerings and lead the charge in innovation without the need for substantial investment in development.

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