False Alarm API update v1.1.3

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False Alarm API update v1.1.3

Harness the Power of Deep Learning

Traces False Alarm Filtering (FAF) is designed to work with any CCTV cameras and instantly reduces the number of false alarms by 95%. This game-changing technology makes security monitoring more efficient and reliable than ever before. At the core of our innovation lies deep learning, enabling us to accurately identify critical events while effortlessly filtering out insignificant motions caused by animals, insects, weather, and more. A new version of our API is taking its performance to even greater heights.

Enhanced Capabilities of False Alarm Filtering API v1.1.3
In the latest release, we've included extended information for all alarm events related to moving vehicles, including detailed color and vehicle class data. Our library now boasts an impressive collection of 147 distinct colors and comprehensive information on four vehicle classes. For more information on these enhancements, please refer to the documentation and see examples below.

Traces AI Vehicle Type&Color Detection

Commitment to Accuracy and Relevance
At Traces, we are committed to providing our customers with the most accurate and relevant AI capabilities, and we believe that these new features will significantly contribute to that goal. Join us as we continue to redefine the video monitoring industry with Traces FAF – your ultimate solution for unparalleled security, efficiency, and cost savings!


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