Provide an ongoing safe environment and maintain full control.

Identifies all potentially exposed people and avoid local outbreak.

Contact Tracing
for Business

The system is powered by Traces AI technology that accurately interprets data from multiple sources and precisely notify people when they may have come in contact with an at-risk individual.

Contact tracing with device &  app

Wearable Device & Mobile App

TraceKeep is a mobile app that anonymously collects proximity information between all the users using wearable devices. Randomly generated beacons are sent via Bluetooth and don't require location data (GPS). The centralised dashboard aggregates all the information needed by business execs. Here you can determine who has been exposed to COVID-19 and take immediate action.

CCTV cameras

Traces enables your existing security cameras with contact tracing capabilities. Our technology finds confirmed patients and trace all the contacts they had in public spaces like airports, offices, shopping centers, transport, etc. Our AI works even if faces are not visible and significantly reduces the time needed to alert all those at risk. Get in touch to learn more.

Traces AI Contact Tracing with CCTV
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