False Alarms API update

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Quick Recap.

Traces False Alarm Filtering is a sophisticated and versatile AI solution for the video monitoring industry.
It is designed to work with any CCTV cameras or monitoring software and instantly reduces the number of false alarms by 95%.
By using deep learning we accurately highlight important events while filtering out irrelevant motions caused by animals, insects, weather, etc.
Traces is an ideal solution for remote perimeter control in areas with limited or expensive internet coverage. Our tech can reliably verify an alarm receiving just 150-300KB of data per event. This does not require any new hardware installation or extra power consumption.


Today we are taking one step forward in streamlining and simplifying our False Alarm Filtering API.
In version 1.1.2 you will be able to send multiple images to the same API endpoint and our system will automatically select the corresponding consensus algorithm.
This way, you are getting even more flexibility and control over your infrastructure increasing the accuracy of the filtering at the same time.
With a new version, you can fine-tune every individual configuration present at your camera or application without changing API endpoints.

Roll out plan.

Starting December 21, 2020, we’ll begin rolling out the Alpha version.
Starting January 28, 2021, we’ll begin rolling out into Beta.

Talk to your sales representative if you have additional questions or want to start using a new version today.

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